The Au Pair Girl

French au pair Sandrine comes into a somewhat strange family. Obviously, the wife of the German household is keen to make her husband happy. The au pair should wear pantyhose and short dresses, make him hot, let herself be touched, but not more ... Valerie Nilon's erotic novel creates a tingling tension that every family man would like to have. But the mother's lesbian wishes are also fulfilled.

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The Ballet Girl

The young ballet dancer, Solo, is a member of a small show dance group that is trained and managed by her father. The girls dream is to be able to turn their passion for dancing into a profession at some point. For this they are ready to incorporate more and more eroticism into the performances. But unfortunately they can't really live this out in the gyms at village festivals. They are planning more daring choreographies and even more transparent nylon outfits in order to get closer to their success goal.

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The Men's Study

Larissa, who has just come of age, moves from Cologne to the Dutch university town of Maastricht to start studying psychology. In the time leading up to the semester, loneliness and boredom drive her to a crazy idea: she wants to write a thesis on male sexual behavior. The nice neighbor from the first floor is just right for her. She reveals her study idea to him and a very erotic dialogue about sex and the loyalty of men begins. She would like to develop a questionnaire with him for her men's studies, which she would like to use in discotheques and even in a brothel. An exciting story, full of interesting insights of a young woman about men's sexuality begins. Like all of Valerie Nilon's novels, the protagonist tells the story from her point of view, in the first person and in the present tense. In this way, the reader accompanies the young student "live" in her most intimate thoughts.

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The Temporary Helper

The high school graduate Julie-Marie applies to work as a temporary helper at a nearby bank branch. Because she likes to dress sexy and shows up for an interview with the HR manager, he asks her a surprising question: "Have you ever worked as a prostitute?" The answer to this question creates an exciting job offer that the young woman leads into an unexpectedly frivolous banker circle. Of course, subject to absolute secrecy. As usual, a highly erotic novel by Valerie Nilon. Narrated from a first-person perspective and in the present.

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The Tennis Girl

Sabine receives a tennis course on the Baltic Sea from her sports-loving grandmother. At the same time, she is completely not talented in ball sports. If she's supposed to kick a soccer ball, she doesn't even hit it. She has never had a tennis racket in her hand. She hardly does any sport anyway. After all, she is built very slim and graceful even without movement. But she doesn't have the heart to refuse the trip. So she has to hold out for a whole week. Her only hope are the tennis instructors who could save her from boredom. She resolves to seduce the next best with her skin-tight outfits. Valerie Nilon takes us again into the erotic world of soft devotism.

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