The Cabaret Girl

The young dancer, Julie, emigrate to Barcelona to apply to be a dancer in an erotic cabaret theatre. The lack of money forces her to move into a single room with a horny landlord. She takes advantage of his horniness to get everything she wants from him. In return, she lets him participate in her most intimate moments. He can watch her naked, she leaves the bathrooms open and he can touch her. But he always wants more, and Julie agrees... A highly erotic novel by Valerie Nilon. Told in first person and present tense.

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The Nylon Dancer

Lulu is a young woman who, for her mother's sake, is doing an apprenticeship in a Viennese café and is getting bored there. Too few and mostly very old guests provide far too little variety. Until she meets Thomas, a pushy older man. She was so impressed by his impertinence and lewdness that she fell in love with the man and entered into an erotic relationship with him. She tells him about her passion, dancing. He convinces her to start as an erotic nylon dancer.

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The Nylon Escort Girl

Nadège, who has just come of age, tells of her first experiences as a nylon escort girl.She always wears pantyhose or nylon stockings and can be carried out by well-heeled business people. Of course, sex is also part of her job. In doing so, she benefits from the numerous contacts of her mother, who works as a prostitute herself.But then something happens that must never happen: She falls in love with a suitor.With her incomparably authentic spelling, the author offers readers exciting, erotic insights into the world of a young escort girl. 
The novel is written in the first person and in the present, so that the reader has the feeling of being "live".

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The Nylon Model

The young dental assistant, Charlie, leads a rather conservative life. After work, she helps her mother sew her own collection of clothes. But one day a patient at work asks her about her beautiful legs. He is a photographer for pantyhose fashion and does not give up trying to convince her to do a test shoot. She feels honored and gives in. They meet secretly once a week. The shootings excite her so much that she becomes more and more revealing... A highly erotic novel by Valerie Nilon. Told in first person and present tense.

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The Nylon Girl

The precocious Anna has set herself a fashionable accent: she only wears pantyhose under her hot pants and skirts, and for every occasion: at school, during sports and in her free time. She quickly notices the most diverse reactions in her environment: her parents fluctuate between enthusiasm and worry, the classmates start to either hate or imitate her and the boys are almost without exception enthusiastic. But since she also wraps the male teacher around her finger, the bitterly conservative principal of her school becomes her worst adversary. She humiliates Anna in front of everyone and makes her life hell. But Anna knows how to help herself ... women against women: Valerie Nilon's novel shows the relentless struggle between beauty and misguided feminism.

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The Nylon Secretary

The young apprentice Luisa learns from an experienced executive assistant that bosses like it when women wear skirts with pantyhose or stockings in their company. She sticks to the rule and experiences erotic situations almost every day, which she invariably uses for her own benefit. It doesn't take long for the CEO to take a liking to her. Her career seems to be preprogrammed, but it turns out differently than expected. As usual, Valerie Nilon's novel is all about seduction, fashion and nylon sex.

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The Photogra-

Linda loves photography and dreams of becoming a famous photographer. But she hides from her family that she makes money on the Internet with erotic photos of herself. When she asks her attractive neighbor to pose for her as a nude model, a fateful shooting takes place in the forest. Her sister finds out her secret and also wants to sell photos of herself on the Internet. But then everything turns out differently ...

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The twenty-year-old nude model Lena tells about her young life and how she became a photo model for erotic photography. It all started as teenagers with secret photo sessions with their friends and their mothers' clothes and pantyhoses. When the mother of her friend Angela started to take pictures of the girls, it was easy to see that Lena is particularly willing to show. She reports in detail about the very erotic situations with the photographers. A novel by Valerie Nilon, whose erotic tension can hardly be surpassed.

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